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Kathy A. Moore

So much of what Ron Weaver said in this interview I can identify with as a painter and drawer. I love his unique compositions and have gone back many times to view and study his works. One point he made in particular really resonates with me: “Eventually some painters, good painters, come to understand their particular ways of forming and dealing with compositional ratios (almost mathematically or at least geometrically) and that their painting will not work until those elements have arrived at cooperative visual relationships. A Master Painter might be defined as one who consistently recognizes their particular and unique forming and organizing habits without being repetitive throughout their body of work.”
I have never read or heard anyone express these visual phenomena as articulately as Ron has done in this interview. Thank you Ron!

Mike Boyle

I agree entirely, Kathy. Thanks - Mike

Ron Weaver

It seems to me that your still life drawings have much in common with my way of defining maturing compositional understanding.
They become clear and decisive; similar but not the same.

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